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Your quality of workmanship both by your own people and your sub-contractors became very evident to us as we walked through our home each day of its construction.
  Jack & Lana Stromberg  

Truly Satisfied Customers


I can’t say enough for all you have done for us. You are an awesome designer and builder. Our home is wonderful. This is such a small gift that does not match our appreciation. My friend Lee Wassink made it. I hope it matches the glass in your living room. Thank you so much Paul!

Luv, Tamara & Grant Medley
Remodeled Home for Grant & Tamara Medley (Doctor) Grants Pass, Or.

Dear Paul,

We are settled into our new home about a month and a half now, and I couldn’t begin to tell you how very pleased we are.

Prior to our start, people were telling us all the horror stories of building our own home, but I must say we have really experienced none of those horrors.

I feel very strongly that has been due to yourself and how you have kept on top of matters all during construction, and your obvious desire to build a quality home for us. You were always available to us and returned our calls very promptly..which gave us a very comfortable and confident feeling.

Your quality of workmanship both by your own people and your sub-contractors became very evident to us as we walked through our home each day of it’s construction.

For those areas of minor concern following occupancy, you gave attention to before we had need of calling it to your attention, and that too was very gratifying.

If ever you would desire to show our home to any prospective clients, please feel free to have them come to our home to inspect your work or talk to us.

Thank you again for the good memories of building our home.

With appreciation, Jack C. Stromberg
3000 SF Custom Home for Jack & Lana Stromberg

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Paul Beltis, who was the Builder and Contractor of our current home.

I’d like to begin by commenting on some personal qualities that Paul possesses. Paul has gained the deepest affection from all members of our family. It was obvious from the onset that he genuinely cared about us and the project he was undertaking. We were not just another “house”. It was important to him to build a home that would not only meet our needs, but incorporate many of our wants and whims, as well. This was not always easy as he had to deal with six different and at times demanding personalities, while at the same time staying within our budget. Thus, his kindness and extreme patience and understanding throughout the project were a marvel.

The creativity and personal touches he employed throughout the home are continually admired and enjoyed. It was evident by his giving 110% throughout that he loves his work and takes pride in the finished product. Thus, the end result was a home beautifully built and tailor-fit, where dreams really did come true.

In summary, it was a real pleasure having the opportunity to work with Paul. He is a very caring and dedicated individual whose work is nothing less than outstanding. My only regret is that he is leaving the area. I would highly recommend Paul Beltis as a Builder, Contractor, and cherished friend.

Sincerely, Pam Maddock
2200 SF Custom Home Design/Build

Dear Paul,

Rob and I have been having a hard time figuring out how to start this note because there are so many things we want to say and we’re not sure how to start. All of our thoughts begin with a “thank you”, however. Thank you for being such an excellent, understanding, patient, sensitive contractor – no – person! You were so helpful to us, in this, probably one of the greatest undertaking’s we’ve ever had. From the very first – with our address on the rock – we’ve appreciated every special touch. This house, our house, is really a lot of you. The fireplace in the family room, the master shower, the driveway and concrete designs, the arch over our bed, the coffered ceiling in the dining room, the family room walkway – all these were your ideas that make our house special – very special.

We’re sorry you’re leaving the area. We consider you and your family friends. Yet we know you’re doing what is best for you and your family. We certainly respect you for what we’re sure was a hard decision. We’re not worried about our house, but we will miss you!

So thank you for giving us your best. It shows and we love our house! And lastly, Rob and I especially appreciate people who touch our lives just by who they are. You’re one of those people – very special because of your integrity, calm, perseverance and genuine goodness. We both sincerely wish you and your family the best of everything in Oregon.

Rob and Diane
5,000 SF Custom Home for Rob & Diane Hobbinsifken

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